Frequently asked questions

What is Teacher's Buddy?

Teacher’s Buddy is an AI-powered generative assistant designed to streamline lesson planning, simplify administrative tasks, and enhance student engagement for educators, making teaching more efficient and effective. Read more about the platform on our blog post here.

Is this OK? Am I allowed to use AI in my job?

Absolutely! AI is a fantastic tool that's here to stay and we teacher's need to embrace it and leverage the opportunities it gives us to generate awesome, original, creative material for our students, as well as break the back of the less exciting admin tasks.

There are many exciting ways that teachers can use AI technology to enhance the classroom experience for our students as well! AI can help teachers personalise learning, provide real-time feedback and support, answer questions, grade assignments, and identify areas where students need extra help.

Can I trust outputs generated using AI

You should treat the outputs generated using AI like any other resource.

Here are some general guidelines on the use of AI generated material:

  1. Use AI content as a draft: AI-generated content should be considered a starting point, requiring your professional input to finalise.
  2. Check for bias and accuracy: AI might produce biased or incorrect content. Always verify content before use.
  3. Be aware of AI limitations: The underlying AI language model is not up to date in its knowledge of world events. Consider this when dealing with recent topics.
  4. Protect privacy: Do not enter personally identifiable information of students, parents, or others into our Services.
What makes Teacher’s Buddy different from chatGPT?

Prompt writing can be difficult and intimidating - How do you get Chat GPT to give you exactly what you need, in the way you need it? How do you know it's telling the truth?

Teacher's buddy is full of customised, curated content generation tools that take the legwork out of having to come up with your own prompts. We've taken crafted and tested our prompts thoroughly to make sure they're completely fit for purpose and offer solid, templated results that are easy to customise to your needs.

Another thing: Teacher's Buddy also allows you to leverage the full power of Chat GPT-4 Turbo! (The very latest paid version)

If you're used to the types of outputs that Chat GPT 3.5 (the free version) generates, just wait till you see what GPT-4 Turbo can do. (You can try it for free.)

All for less than half the price of the paid version of Chat GPT! Check out our blog post that goes into more detail here.

How does Teacher’s Buddy help in lesson planning?

Teacher’s Buddy provides intuitive tools and templates to generate course structures, lesson plans, slides, worksheets, exemplars, and games in seconds, freeing up your time and ensuring a comprehensive and effective learning experience for your students. Check out our step by step guide here.

How does Teacher’s Buddy simplify administrative tasks?

Teacher’s Buddy handles time-consuming admin such as drafting reports, permission slips, risk assessments, and emails to parents, allowing you to focus more on your students and less on paperwork. Check out our blog post on the top admin tasks here.

Is Teacher’s Buddy Easy to Set Up and Use?

We’ve designed Teacher's Buddy with user-friendliness in mind. Easily get started in just a few minutes. Our intuitive interface and detailed step-by-step guides ensure that your set up is smooth and hassle-free. You can head over to our Facebook group to understand how other teachers are using the platform and getting the most out of it.  Check it out here

What is AI?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It refers to computer systems that can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. AI-powered machines learn from experience, adjust to new inputs, and perform tasks that were previously considered impossible for machines to do.

Why should I use AI in my classroom?

There are many exciting ways that teachers can use AI technology to enhance the classroom experience for their students! AI can help teachers personalise learning, provide real-time feedback and support, answer questions, grade assignments, and identify areas where students need extra help.

Is Teacher’s Buddy suitable for all age groups?

Certainly! Teacher's Buddy is designed to assist in the education of all age groups, ensuring it is a versatile and essential tool for educators in various settings.

Can Teacher's Buddy integrate with other platforms?

We’re currently working on integrating Teacher's Buddy with Google Classroom and Microsoft Education, ensuring a smooth and interconnected learning and teaching experience. This will mean that you can upload files directly into the platform and export any outputs into your own Google or Microsoft workspaces.

What is a lesson plan?

A lesson plan is a detailed outline or guide teachers use to structure a lesson. It typically includes objectives, materials needed, instructional strategies, and assessment measures. The purpose of a lesson plan is to ensure that a teacher delivers a well-organised and effective lesson that meets the learning needs of their students. Lesson plans can be used for any subject or year level and are often tailored to the specific needs of individual students or classes.

What should a lesson plan include?

A lesson plan should include learning objectives, instructional strategies, assessment measures, organisation of the lesson, details of the materials needed, time required for each activity, and any other relevant information. The plan should be tailored to the specific needs of the students and adjusted as necessary based on their progress and feedback.

What makes a good worksheet?

A good worksheet is engaging, well-organised, and appropriate for the year level and learning objectives. It should be varied, provide feedback, and include visual aids. 

Teacher's Buddy can help you generate worksheets for your students. Try it today!